The Showboat Restaurant
One Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, New York

The Showboat was purchased in July 1970 by John J. Piazza a long time Western New York Restaurateur and Pine Ridge Associates. The Showboat was a vessel, which had been converted into a restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. He had it towed to Buffalo, New York for the purpose of operating a restaurant and lounge. In June 30, 1972 John J. Piazza sold 100 percent of the stock of Showboat Restaurant, Inc. to Thomas J. and Peter C. Hayes. Pine Ridge leased the showboat to the Hayes’s until September, 1973 when they ceased business operations. On September 28, 1973, Pine Ridge sold the showboat to Mar—Lou Farms, Inc. (Mar—Lou). Mar—Lou subsequently went bankrupt and moved the showboat to Toronto, Canada.